RadioActive Malta

RadioActive Malta is the Maltese branch of the RadioActive 101 project –  which is developing and implementing a pan-European Internet Radio platform, incorporating Web 2.0 functionality, linked to innovative community based pedagogies – addressing employability, inclusion and active citizenship in an original and exciting way. It is intended to provide innovative way to engage, retain and develop those who are excluded or at risk of exclusion.

Who is RadioActive Malta addressing?

RadioActive Malta is being organised as a ‘train the trainers’ initiative. We are therefore calling on youth leaders, community leaders, facilitators and other similar personnel working with disadvantaged groups to engage with us, and participate in training on how to use radio to provide specific and transversal competences to their respective groups. Target communities include youth groups, associations for the disabled, church/community groups and more.

What skills / competences will be taught?

The RadioActive Malta initiative is divided into two schemes. Under the training of trainers we will provide workshops on how to set up an internet radio station, how to organise a group of people to manage, run and host shows, all with support from the KIC-Malta team. When the leaders organise radio-workshops with their communities, they will be able to instill values such as leadership, teamwork, communication skills, cooperation etc. They will also be able to learn specific skills such as interviewing, radio-mixing and music selection.

How does the scheme work?

All costs for participation in the RadioActive scheme are covered by the European Union’s Lifelong Learning programme. Selected community/group leaders will be able to apply to join simply by contacting the KIC-Malta offices. We will then proceed with the following steps:

  • we will have an initial interview / discussion with you to understand your specific needs and use / context
  • we will organise a 2-3 day workshop in June, which will be presented by the RadioActive UK team, who invented the concept, and where you will learn how to plan, manage, present and broadcast a radio-show with your own group
  • following this, we will ask you to organise a set of radio shows with your group. The first show/s will be supported by KIC-Malta staff, and all necessary equipment will be provided by the KIC, until you are ready to work independently. We would ask you to organise 5-10 shows over the period of a year, which will be broadcast and made available on this website
Throughout the scheme you will be provided with technical and methodological support, both from the KIC-Malta team, from the RadioActive support hub and from the other RadioActive partners.